““Miranda” is strikingly original, mainly because its principal vocal lines, which Ms. Sankaram sings in the title role, are inventively shaped, full of character and emotionally direct and authentic.”
– Allan Kozinn, The New York Times

“The verdict on “Miranda”? Sankaram’s tuneful score and standout performance are well worth an hour’s listen.”
-James Jorden, New York Post

Miranda is the most exciting new show I’ve seen in this still young new year, and I’m guessing twelve months from now it will stand out among the very best theater achievements of 2012.”
-Martin Denton, NYtheatre.com

“…a lesser composer can easily lose their voice in the din of an ill-fitting genre blend, the mix becoming a yawning void of clichés, clunky approximations, and misguided ambition. Sankaram not only escapes this void, she straps on a pair of steam-powered rollerblades and skates wild circles around it.”
-Evan Burke, ICareIfYouListen.com

Miranda managed to take all of the aspects of what steampunk is – thematically, aesthetically, and even, dare I say it, musically – and combine it to create a compelling smash powerhouse of a show.”
– Ay-leen the Peacemaker, TOR.com

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